Path to my Heart

Dear someone that will be my FUTURE

There is nothing that i can do right now. I keep reminding myself what is the value of YOU deep inside my heart. For me, you are the chosen ONE to enlighten my heart and purify my perception on the being so-called FEMALE. You must always try to make me believe that not all FEMALE is the same. My experience had really taught me a lessons and I hope you can try to eliminate those negative feelings in my heart. This is the only thing that i request for YOU my dear. Nothing more and nothing less.

Dear someone that will be my FUTURE

If you are willing to that my dear, I will try my best efforts to make YOU happy. Like I said before, I am not a Superhuman that able to promise perfections in our so-called Future. I am not a perfectionist that able to solve all sorts of problems that may arise along our relationship. I am not a purely gentleman that will give you a meaningful life after our unification. But still, I am willing to do my best to fulfill those tasks. I may commit faults along those path. But still, I will have YOU to backing me up and teach me what is wrong and what is right. That is the beauty of LOVE and YOU most of ALL should understand it.

Dear someone that will be my FUTURE

Please forget all the past. Give me the change to write the Future. The Future where YOU and ME should be in there. The Future where YOU and ME plays with our kids and stuff. The FUTURE where YOU and ME will cuddle with each other along the gloomy night talking about our interest and problems. The FUTURE where I will be a part of your sickness and sadness. This I swear to YOU.

Dear someone that will be my FUTURE

It is a fate that we can meet again in this so-called world. It is a fate for me to know that YOU are still exist in this world. Believe it or not, YOU and I are destined together. I do not know about what other MALE promise to YOU, but as for me, there are two things that I can promise. My LOVE and my HEART is only for you to take. BUT, if YOU do not want it, YOU can throw it away. And remember, the moment YOU do that, that is the last time YOU will never ever heard a news about me anymore. EVER AGAIN.



It’s been while since my last post. Currently, i should be happy right now since i already finish my studies. But, seems like i lost something during my battle to success. Starting from my Foundation National Diploma (FND),Higher National Diploma (HND) and the last one, the Bachelor Degree level, i never felt depressed until now. A dozen of social and inner stress seeming to overload in my brain; hence changing my personal appearance and emotion. I’m no longer the previous Mohd Asrul Ezwadi right now. I’m the new Mohd Asrul Ezwadi and perhaps i need to change my fate from right now or forever silent. Beware world outside, because the BEAST in on the way out right now.

Kacik weh…..

Started to wake up in a happy glorious mood again. But, all of those feeling seems to vanish in an open air when i first arrive at my office. Bloody Hell.. When my first steps coming into the office, i was being called by my boss. Fxxk..Hearing all of his mumbling make my stomach and ears hurt. Damn it. And again as usual, the words “I understand” or “Yes Boss” was being uttered by my mouth. An active passive response i think.

Then, i sat in front of my laptop. Again, another boss requested to meet me. A progress reports she said. And again, i walk to her room and and sat in front of her. Bla bla bla. And again as usual, the words “I understand” or “Yes Boss” was being uttered by my mouth. Shit… Hate this feeling..

When I am on my way to my cubicle, i met the finance director. A silly and wild question came out from her mouth! Since when i have a service rates when I’m doing a consultation sessions with customer. Damn it. And then, as usual she started to mumble again. Bla Bla Bla….

Sat in front of my workstation exactly on 11 am. Works started to overload and pilling up like mount Everest. Arghh…. Late again for today. With all of  these burdens on my shoulder, i don’t think i am able to sustain in this company. Jobs and tasks still pilling up on my tasks repository. Ya ALLAH……. grant me patience.

Ramadhan Events…

Dah nak dekat sebulan dah Ramadhan. Banyak benda yang dah berlaku selama 29 tahun hidup aku di bumi ALLAH S.W.T. Ada yang elok.. ada yang tidak. Apapun…. sekarang ni there is another test that i need to face. For someone unlike me, the test may quite easy. Just try, wait and get the answer. But for me, why it is so damn hard. Why is it!! Maybe it happened due to past sins. If it is, please ALLAH forgive my sins since I am sinner. A sinner that roam in your temporary world created by YOU.

But, if it just a test for me, YA ALLAH YA ROBB, i raised both my hands… Forever i thank YOU for all of the tests that YOU bestowed upon me… Alhamdulillah. May YOU grant me with thousands of patience upon completing the test.

YA ALLAH YA ROBB, it is to YOU i request for forgiveness and it is to YOU i lay my hope. Please Please grant me the courage, patience and dedication towards facing the test that being granted upon me by YOU.

Forever i thank YOU.. Alhamduillah.


Magiknya CINTA

Seharusnya MANUSIA mencipta satu kata ganti baru buat SAYANG
Kata ganti yang benar-benar menghuraikan maksud SAYANG dalam erti kata yang sebenar
Kata ganti yang benar-benar menggambarkan ketulusan maksud SAYANG yang hakiki
Kata ganti yang benar-benar menjelaskan perasaan SAYANG yang dihadapi oleh makhluk yang bergelar MANUSIA
Kata-kata dominan yang mungkin paling kerap diutarakan oleh MANUSIA seantero dunia
Kata-kata magis yang boleh meruntuhkan keperkasaan dan kehebatan MANUSIA
Kata-kata hikmat yang mempunyai erti yang amat mendalam jika MANUSIA dapat menyelami maksudnya yang mutlak
Kata-kata sakti yang bisa membuat bisa racun hanyalah seperti mainan kanak-kanak sahaja
Sayang dan Cinta
Jika digabung dua perkataan ini akan terbitlah kekuatan yang hakiki
Cinta tanpa Sayang dapat diibaratkan sebagai muzik tanpa irama
Sayang tanpa Cinta dapat diibaratkan sebagai pantai yang hilang ombaknya
Dua-dua hendaklah saling berkait seperti mana Adam dan Hawa
Seperti mana Samson dan Delilah, Seperti mana Teja dan Tuah
Semuanya harus berkait antara satu sama lain untuk menerbitkan kekuatan hidup yang hakiki
Bagaimana kalau hidup tanpa Sayang dan Cinta
MANUSIA mungkin akan menjadi mayat hidup
MANUSIA mungkin akan hilang arah tujuan
MANUSIA mungkin akan hilang segala kenikmatan hidup
MANUSIA mungkin akan hilang cahaya yang menyuluh perjalanan hidupnya
Bagaimana untuk hidup jika MANUSIA memang tiada Sayang dan Cinta
Keraskan hati
Keraskan perasaan
Mungkin ianya senang untuk diutarakan
Senang untuk dikatakan
Tetapi percayalah
Ianya tidak mustahil untuk dilakukan.

Selamat Hari Guru

Hari ni hari guru…. Hari memuji profession keguruan di Malaysia. Selamat Hari Guru.. Biarpun aku mungkin bukan anak terbaik kepada guru-guru, tetapi aku dah jadi orang jugak disebabkan oleh tunjuk ajar guru. Hail Guru-Guru di Malaysia. Lepas ni, harap-harap takde dah dengar cerita Guru rogol anak murid la, Guru bunuh anak murid la. Mereka ni sebenarnya mencemarkan profession keguruan dan seharusnya dihukum dengan sewajarnya. Apapun… Tahniah Guru.

Trying to use Windows Live Writter


Well well well… Configuring the Windows Live Writrer is actually quite easy. Just by a few simple keyboard clicking, users can access and modify their blog almost anywhere (what you need is a laptop and a steady internet connection). Let me explain the process of it:

  1. Download the Windows Live features from the Microsoft download website.
  2. Then, setting up your Windows Live Writter from your own computer unit. But, you need to have a Windows Live ID first.
  3. Synchronize your additional blog account with Windows Live Writter. If you don’t have one, let the Windows Live Writter create it for you.
  4. Enter all your account credentials (User name and Stuff).
  5. Finally, voila you can set, write and publish your blog from your Windows Live Writter.

It is easy like ABC. Happy trying..

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